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ZNShine Solar ZXM7 Series 400 W Monocrystalline Perc Solar Panel

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SKU: ZXM7-SH108-405M

ZXM7 SH108 is part of the black on black Series - one of the most recent made by ZnShine Solar. These panels employ cutting-edge technologies to achieve superior efficiency and reliability. The Passivated Emitter Rear Contact (PERC) technology ensures excellent power output. This solar cell type employs an additional reflective layer to absorb more sunlight. The use of half-cut cell technology is an additional perk. The solar cells of ZXM7 SH108 are half the size of those found in standard panels. Major advantages include reduced power consumption, extended life and enhanced efficiency in low-light conditions. At 20.74% efficiency, ZXM7 SH108 offers surprising performance for its weight and size. Novel design solutions allow this panel to look as well as it performs. This model is just 1.18 in depth and is jet black with a sleek finish. The panel's functionality and durability are not affected by its aesthetic appeal though. ZnShine Solar offers 12 years of product warranty and guarantees 96.8% of original performance after 25 years of operation.

Feature Bullets

  • Excellent Cells Efficiency - MBB technology reduce the distance between busbars and finger grid line which is benefit to power increase
  • Anti PID - Ensured PID resistance through the quality control of cell manufacturing process and raw materials
  • Tier 1 - Global, Tier 1 bankable brand, with independently certified advanced automated manufacturing.
  • Improved aesthetics - Compared to conventional modules, this full black modules have a more uniform appearance and superior aesthetics
  • Better weak illumination response - more power output in weak light condition, such as haze, cloudy, and early morning
  • Adapt to harsh outdoor environment - resistant to harsh environments such as salt, ammonia, sand, high temperature and high humidity environment
  • Excellent quality managerment system - warranted reliability and stringent quality assurances well beyond certified requirement


Series: ZXM7
Length: 1724 mm
Width: 1134 mm
Depth: 30 mm
Material: Anodized Aluminum Frame
Color: Black
Power Voltage: 30.9 V
Power Current: 12.95 A
Power Rating: 400 W
Open Circuit Voltage: 37.10 V
Short Circuit Current: 13.7 A
Voltage Rating: 1500 Vdc
Cell Type: Monocrystalline Perc
Number of Cells: 108
Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 deg C
Efficiency: 0.2046%
Connection Type: MC4

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