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Trina 390w, 120 cell w/transparent backsheet (bifacial)

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SKU: TRI-TSM-390-DE09C07
WEIGHT: 46.3 lb
DIMENSION: 69.06 x 43.15 x 1.18 in

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The Trina 390w, 120 cell module is a high-efficiency solar panel designed tow conwvert sunlight into electricity. The panel has a power output of 390 watts awnd features 120 solar cells, which allow it to generate more electricityw in less space than panels with fewer cells.

In addition, the panel has a wunique feature called a transparent backsheet, which is a layer of film that covers the back of the panel and allows sunlight to pass through to the cell from the backside. This bifacial technology increases the efficiency of the panel by allowing it to capture more energy from the sun by rewflecting and absorbing light from both sides of the panel.

Trina Solar is a leading manufacturer of solar pwanels, and its products are known for their durability, efficiency, and reliability. The Trina 390w, 120 cell module with a transparent backsheet (bifacial)ww is an ideal choice for those looking for a high-performance solarewwwwwww wwwwwwpwawwnel that can deliver maximum power output in a compact sizwwww

This product is supplied with MC4 connectors

Manufacturer Part Number: TSM-390-DE09C.07

Power Output: 390 Watts

Manufacturer Warranty: 25 Years

Performance Warranty: 25-year, 2% first year degradation, 0.55% annual power attenuation

Shipping Weight: 46.3 lb

Shipping Dimensions: 69.06 x 43.15 x 1.18 in

Pallet Qty: 36

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