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Tigo TS4-A-O Optimization Rapid Shutdown Unit 700W

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SKU: TS4-A-O 700W
WEIGHT: 2 lbs
DIMENSION: 5.4 x 5.5 x 0.9in

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Tigo's TS4-A platform is the most flexible and reliable module-level power electronics (MLPE) solution available. The TS4's primary feature is providing module-level rapid shutdown in a grid-tied solar PV system for compliance with NEC 2014, 2017, and 2020 690.12 rapid shutdown requirements (rapid shutdown is required so that first responders like firefighters have a simple way to shut down the DC power from the solar array to the inverter so that they can protect themselves from electrical shock when responding to an emergency where an energized solar PV system is present). In addition to rapid shutdown, the Tigo TS4-A platform also offers optional monitoring and optimization features.

The Tigo TS4-A system works with all modern solar panels and the widest range of inverters, including Schneider, Sol-Ark, ABB, Growatt, GoodWe, and more. The Tigo TS4 platform can also be used in off-grid PV systems in which the inverter or charge controller has its own MPPT functionality.


  • Designed to work with all PV modules (60 cell, 72 cell, or other)
  • No grounding needed
  • Utilizes highly reliable Power Line Communication (PLC)
  • TS4-A units easily connect to PV module at the junction box and clip onto the back of the solar panel frame
  • Low heat dissipation - away from solar panel
  • Choose rapid shutdown components only, or add monitoring and optimization features - selectively deploy, mix, and match
  • UL 1741 certified with leading inverter and solar panel manufacturers
  • TS4 units' polycarbonate cover is water-resistant for even the harshest wet environments
  • 25-year warranty on TS4 units


  • Use one TS4-A-F (Fire Safety Module) for each solar panel by easily clipping it onto the back of the solar panel's frame.
  • Use one TS4-A-2F (Fire Safety Module) for every two (2) solar panels by easily clipping it onto the back of one of the panel's frames.
  • The RSS Transmitter (or your inverter if it includes an integrated PLC RSS transmitter) transmits the keep-alive signal to TS4s via Power Line Communication (PLC). The Tigo RSS Transmitter is also available in an outdoor-rated enclosure that includes the RSS Transmitter (single core or dual core) and a 12VDC power supply. The dual core transmitter kit is for 20-24 string capacity.
  • String level monitoring is handled by your inverter
  • The optional RSS Signal Detector is a handheld tool used during installation that tests PLC strength and confirms transmitter signal is being picked up by the TS4s

Installation Video for Rapid Shutdown Only


  • Use one TS4-A-O (Optimization Module) for each solar panel by easily clipping it onto the back of the solar panel's frame.
  • The Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) is the data logger for the TS4 optimization modules. It is also available in an outdoor kit that includes the CCA, an outdoor-rated enclosure, a TAP, and a 24VDC power supply. Each CCA covers up to 900 TS4s, and up to 7 TAPs. Data from 3rd party devices can be viewed on the Tigo website along with DC module level data. The CCA is required for these units to function.
  • The Tigo Access Point (TAP) provides wireless communication between a CCA and TS4s. Each TAP can communicate with up to 300 TS4s. Up to 7 TAPs can be connected in series to each CCA using RS-485 cable (not included). The communication range of a TAP has a maximum radius of 35m (115ft). TAPs are mounted on the solar panel frame or the racking system.

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